Hey! My Sh*t Life..

Hi, well i put a story up the other day about going mute, i did but my mother got me soo worked up today i shouted at her but i am defiantly mute now..
I got in from school today it has been snowing so i was really cold my mum asked my to look after my little brother i did. I got told to tidy my room and i did, i couldn't really argue because i wouldn't speak..

Later i did tidy my bedroom i was just making my bed when my mum started to help me and she blamed me earlier for letting my brother fall over (not my fault). She started to make my bed while i sat on my phone she put everything on wrong i have a mild case of OCD so everything has to be right. I signed to her it is wrong and she should go and leave because shes messing it up. She then said it's not wrong its fine your sleeping on it so it will be fine. I just signed back leave it then she knocked over my drink and it went all over my bed she blamed it on me that i had detracted her. She started to make it again I just got so fed up she wouldn't let me do it so i don't no where it came from but i shouted get off it mum your ruining it just leave it please. It was abit horrible i knew she was trying to help but it made things worse. Then she turned and said you do it then you quite fat little cow nothings right for you. I am never TALKING again! This didn't help with my Anorexia/Bulimia i feel so stressed i can't show my face anywhere I guess what she said was right.... I know i have had glossophobia for a long time ever since my childhood was ruined (glossopgobia is a talking condition) I just feel sick i can't even look in a mirror.. Am i over reacting or was she wrong to say that?
Pippa321 Pippa321
13-15, F
Jan 18, 2013