Binge Is Taking Over My Life.

HI , I'm a 17 yr old athlete. Last summer I started working out and barely eating and lost about 15 lbs. I weigh around 145 now and am 5'6'' so I don't look big. I'm mostly muscle too. I feel fat all the time, when I work out I feel great and happy and skinny. I started to binge eat and it is taking over I'll eat a whole bunch until my stomach is huge and it hurts then I throw up to feel better. It makes me depressed, but I litterally can't stop eating though. I say why do I do this to myself, but I still can't stop. A good day is no binge to one binge a day. A bad day is 2 or 3 binges . If that's the case then I don't workout and that really makes me depressed. I have prom tomorrow and earlier this week I was working out and eating healthy and looking great. The last two days I have been binging and now look ultra fat in my prom dress. I feel so depressed about it. I need to stop binging . Can anyone please help with tips or anything?
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1 Response May 11, 2012

Hey, I'm in the same situation sort of, I used to be anorexic but the last year has been constant binging and purging. and I have gained a lot of weight with this. My advice is to seek help with a therapist or nutritionist. Don't isolate yourself and stick to a meal plan. DON"T RESTRICT. It will never help you in the long run. Food is Fuel. Don't allow it to carry any emotional meaning for you.