The Fight Against Bulimia

I am 21 years old i am also a single mother that suffer from bi polar disorder and anxiety...All of my teen years i have had a love/hate relationship with food. I was always a quiet girl so noone suspected anything. In school i would skip lunch and breakfast or hide snacks and eat them secretly then when i got home i would just eat until i was overfull and depressed and i gained weigh which added to my depression. Now that Im in my 20s I have my own house and buy my own groceries that made things harder for me then one day after a big dinner i went to the bathroom and i let it all out and to me it felt amazing i felt in CONTROL....I felt like something was finally right. Itgave my brain a temporary orgasmic rush which now i believe was an adrenaline rush.In the past 3weeks i have lost 10pounds. It is my addiction... I now know I need help...Everytime i try to keep my meal in my stomach i cannot...A couple days ago i went to the doctor for bad stomach pain I was told I have Acid reflux. I go to my therapist and talk to her once every two weeks.I am Bulimic and i need help
Mzcreampuff Mzcreampuff
22-25, F
May 12, 2012