I Dont Want To Stay This Way Forever, Just Until I Reach My Goal

I'm not sure if I really am bulimic or just a drama queen, I think I'm being dramatic maybe. Everything I've heard about it always makes Bulimia sound like something thats horrible and a HUGE problem like the big bad wolf blah blah blah. I dont throw up after every meal, mostly because I'm still at school and people would notice if the toilets smelled like spew so I'm just trying not to eat too much bread or carbs or refined sugar and just eat fruit or not eat at all at school. White bread is the devil! I only really throw up after dinners mostly, because my mum cooks food for me, or if i go bat-**** crazy and eat every cake, sweet and chocolate I can find, but I'm trying to train myself to be disgusted by bad foods instead of just fat people so I hopefully won't binge. If this is some form of Bulimia then as long as I can loose my back flab and spare tyres it's not really bothering me.
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This is exactly how I feel! I'm doing this just to get to my goal weight. Then I will stop! I just want to be thinner. Is this bad?