My Problem

The day I started, it seemed so weird at first..but when I was done and all the food was gone from my body a feeling of happiness and joy came over. Now when I eat I feel disgusted, sad, depressed, and I just want to cry...until I puke it all out..than I feel fine and happy again. I know all the problems that come along but..I hate the feeling of being I said I feel disgusted, sad, depressed, wanting to cry, and just..FAT!..OBESE..hideous. I love the feeling of it all being gone. It's like a weight being lifted off my shoulders..should i want help..probably. Do I...I don't know.
secrethidding secrethidding
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 25, 2011

I completely know that horrible feeling of being full, it makes me so anxious, until I can't relax unless I've purged. It feels as if eating is giving up, or giving in, as long as I am empty, I'm winning.