Hey There !

I have also problems with bulimia..

Now it's going well but I know soon it will change.. I think I have to blame my grandfather who forced me to eat always everything up and shouted at me, never could talk in a normal way to me.. I'm 16 and my boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago. It's hard for me to deal with it, but can somebody give me advice ?
I'm feeling empty and powerless..
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sorry to hear all that happened to you,,talking with another about it can help

thanks :)
yes, I just don't really know to who, psychologist ?

just a open minded non-judgemental friend you can feel like you can be open and honest with and just let it all out to them a person who cares and understands you,,a good friend and great listener

ok, it's just so difficult to start.. I mean it's so hard to say "hey, there's something bothering me and could a talk to you"

but thank you so much, I simply don't know what to do at the moment :/

rj.schoch@yahoo.com talk to me ,I will understand ,and hear whats on your heart and mind

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