Well, about two years ago, my junior year of highschool, everything was going great. I was always a chubby kid and finally started eating healthy and exercising. The weight came off so fast and I soon had a naturally thin body. Then one day someone, a former friend, came up to me. She told me she was struggling with bulimia and that she had been watching me, and I was headed in that direction. Of course, I thought she was crazy, but here I am now.

I started binge eating and throwing up towards the end of my junior year through summer going into college. My mom eventually found out and I immediately stopped, but would slip back into it for a few days or so if I was feeling too full. But I had taught myself just to be active and try and live a normal life.

About five months ago I broke my leg and havent been able to exericse so i have slipped back into my old ways. I am throwing up about five times a day and even though I can exercise a little, I have slipped back into my addiction. Im so lost and I slowly shutting out my friends and everything I worked so hard to get back. I think talking to people about it would help but theres no one that I can openly talk to about it that understands.
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if you want to talk message me!! it sounds so familiar that its crazy. i m not as bad but i think i m relapsing as well!!! <br />
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and no one understands unless they have truly been through this... seriously just send me a message on this and we can chat...

^ adding to it..You can't tell anyone they just think you are weird and leave you :'(..Find someone who has been through this and will understand you

Yeah, Well I am Bulimic too..The only person I believed and told about this was my ex and to be true it did harm to my body too. I truly believed him and thought he would help, when he was in my life I stopped it, but not that he literally threw me away, I started it again, like every time I eat I do it. I know it can kill me and it ruined my body to an extend, I still keep doing it. I Hate every time I do it. I cry and I Scream his name for help. ITS BAD FOR ME BAD!!