This Is My Story.

Well my names Serena , im 22, and i believe bulimic.  No i havent been diagnosed professionally, just self. I dont remember when it all started, i do remember i used to just bring food up to make people squirm in elementry school, and it went from there. I can control my inside muscles to just bring the food up, unless no more will come and i still feel full then i attempt the whole hand in throat method. I thought at one point i had it under control, but unfortuennly over at least the last 6 months I bring up at least 1 meal or snacks or whatever once a day. As far as i know neither my family or rboyfriend have any idea, altho my bf has made a comment nabout me using the restroom after i eat all the time but thats it. Well thats me. Thanks for reading ~Serena
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1 Response Jan 4, 2008

I know exactly what you mean about controlling your insides without having to use the "hand in throat" method. I've always been able to just bring my food up as well. I used to purge after every little thing I ate, probably about 4-6 times a day. I've cut back a lot but I'm just not ready to get better.