Raising Its Ugly Head

it started in my teens i coped with it 4 years i seeked help and began to deal with it felt like it had gon away guess what its back and out of control im sick sumtimes 5 to 6 times a day im tired and miserable all the time my friends and family dont no how do u begin to tell them u eat everything u can get u hands on and then stick u fingers down your throat to make you feel better to make you feel happy again would they really understand i dont think so so i keep it to myself promising myself everytime my head is down the toilet THIS IS THE LAST TIME but it never is i feel as if it spiralling out of control i feel ugly and ashamed of wat i do its like a obsession i constantly weigh myself maybe 4 to 5 times a day terrified that ive put on weight from the amount of food im eating i know deep down this isnt normal but i just cant help myself even tho the scales say i have lost weight when i look at myself i feel bigger than ever if u understand me get in touch it might just help
2 Responses Jan 26, 2008

i know exactly what you mean. i am/feel the same way

hey babe my name is ashley. I am from cincinnati ohio...i know you dont know me but i have been dealing with bulimia for 6 years now and have just recently got out of my second rehab facility 3 months ago...i have been doing decent...which is a hell of a lot better than i was doing...please call me sometime and talk to me...i think it would help 513 379 8338...my name is ashley...thanks babe