Any Suggestions?

So lately i've been havin some difficulties gettin the food back up and throwin up, it takes longer than usual, leaves my throat sore as hell and sometimes doesn't even come out AT ALL!
I read to pro-mia purgin tips and used some but still ..
i would really appreciate some of your suggestions, i didn't know where else to look because i'm sure on here no one will judge and critisize me
thanks x
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karen carpenter :'( ... please seek help ..

i think you should come to the gym with me so you can look a million bucks instead of throwing up :) it would be a lot more fun and less painfull..

i agree with the majority here on this one, the stomach acid can actually burn a hole or rip through your esophagus, and that can kill you - painfully. the last time i was sent to an ED clinic, was because they thought i perforated my was not fun. i got a very 'fun' and graphic desc<x>ription of the death i would face if that happened, i am sparing the details here, but it would be very painful. if you got to a hospital in time, it could be reversed, purging again after that would be very risky -chance of it happening again increases, infection, etc...<br />
i am not telling you to stop if you are not ready, but i am saying please don't force the purge if it doesn't come up, also if you feel you need to get rid of the food and calories that badly, exercise, it is a 'healthier' alternative. neither is very healthy but if you have to chose one, pick exercise over purging.<br />
<br />

That burning you feel is the lining of your trachea and esophagus.. what will happen soon is that the (stomach acid) will burn it so severely that you may develop cancer or (at least) precancerous growths.<br />
<br />
To HEAL that damage will require a year or so of being on a VERY bland diet...<br />
<br />
Just thought I'd share this with you. Your 'friends' won't.

You shouldn't do that at all girl... Seek help, eat reasonable amount of food, keep it down and work out, it's a much healthier way to loss weight and look good (doh I bet you already do) cut the crap, it's good you can't throw up cuz you shouldn't