Me And My Mia

Mia took over my life at 12, an early developer, I had curves that I just did not want. Mia was easy for me. I didn't eat at school, and since my mum worked a lot, I could easily eat dinner and throw it up. No one noticed a thing. I beat Mia at 14 after passing out once too many times at school and having to convince a doctor not to do a blood test and that I was just dehydrated. I vowed to never let Mia win again. At 14 I thought I'd seen the last of Mia , I thought I'd won.

Fast forward 6 years and I'm 20. After having my son at 18 I struggled with my weight. Mia took over about 4 months ago, with the same plan as before - lots of green tea and diet coke, one meal a day that I bring up soon after. Once a week I allow myself to digest one meal but normally stick to safe foods. 4 months ago I was 82 kgs today I'm 64kgs. I've convinced everyone it's a result of healthy eating and exercise.

I am not promia or proana, Im fighting the fight everyday and I know some day I will lose

LJ160491 LJ160491
Oct 22, 2011