Phuck it. (Because this site is too immature to handle adult language). Phuck it all. I will never get better. Hell, I don't deserve to. I told my mom if she kept on me about my weight, which I've been losing, I will start throwing up again. (She thinks I've been clean). She said I'm always looking for an excuse or someone to blame. What the phuck? What the PHUCK.
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2 Responses Jun 24, 2012

My Dad offered me $20.00 to lose 10 lbs 41 years ago. I didn't eat anything for a week and lost 10lbs in a week. That was the beginning of my eating disorder. I don't think parents mean to do the damage they do sometimes but it is damaging. Words said can never be taken away and their words become our inner voice. Can you separate yourself from your Mom emotionally? Maybe not talk to her about all this? Doesn't sound like she can help you.

Yeah my Mom would always tell me to lose weight too. But you do deserve to get better.