Its Just Getting Worse

Today, i actually tried to eat and keep my food down but...i couldn't help it.

after an hour of eating lunch i had to go to the bathroom and throw it up because i weighed myself and i had gained too much weight from eating.

i wanted to keep my food down today but it's just getting worse..i have the urge to throw up my food after ever meal now and if i don't throw up i feel sick with myself...
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1 Response Jul 12, 2012

I found once you get in the habit it can be hard to break it. Its like once you start it takes on a life of its own. I think when you throw up and your body is starving for nutrients it makes you binge. If you can eat small healthy meals that can be a good start. Just remember if you weigh yourself after you eat its not fat necessarily but the weight of the actual food. If you drink a liter of water and weigh yourself before and after you will weigh more but its not fat. Bulimia makes you gain weight. When I get out of control with my bulimia thats when I gain weight. When I get a grip on my eating thats when things get better. If you purge eat a banana after. Then your body can absorb the potassium and for me it can stop me from binging right away again.