Recovery. My Battle Against Bully-mia.

I am a bulimic. I am also a type one diabetic. I went to treatment at UCLA for two months. It helped but bulimia isn't something that just goes away. Bulimia isn't glamorous at all, although some people make it out to be like that. Bulimia isn't what people do to just "lose weight". You have to seriously hate yourself in order to shove your fingers down your throat. I still have horrible body image problems. I still feel the need to binge and purge every once in awhile. Like I said, bulimia NEVER goes away completely. I was way too ashamed to tell anyone I was bulimic but then I attempted suicide and failed, obviously. I had to go to a hospital and thats how everyone found out about my bulimia. It's hard to tell people because you just feel so ashamed and disgusting. It's all worth it in the end.

I am better than I was before. There is hope. Things really do get better.
meowrissa meowrissa
Jan 11, 2013