I'm sick of people making bulimia seem glamorous, it's NOT.
I'm sick of people thinking that when you're bulimic you're a stick. That's not the case, when you're bulimic you're either at a normal weight range or at an over weight range.
"Mia" is not your best friend. "Mia" kills.
Bulimia isn't some kind of trend. It's HORRIBLE.
Shove YOUR fingers down your throat EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Then see if you want to "be
bulimic". YOU sit in the bathroom all night crying. YOU ingest 3,000-4,000 calories and then
DON'T leave the bathroom until you're ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE you've thrown EVERYTHING up.
Then YOU see if bulimia is still as glamorous as people say it is.
t's not something that anyone should want to have. If you post tips on how to "become bulimic"
you are an idiot.
I just can't deal with how ridiculous people can be at times.
meowrissa meowrissa
2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

i´m sick of people telling that those who suffers bulimia can recovered as fast as you recover from a flu, they don´t seem to understand how hard it is to even ask for help ...

people think that only skinny girls have eating disorders , people just don't understand what we go through ...!