Blood In My Vomit?

 so ive already written my story on here, but i have more to add. a few weeks ago i noticed a bit of blood in my vomit. i ignored it and continued to throw up. then two days ago i noticed a bit more blood. then yesterday there was quite a lot. its bright red and theres strings of it. i know this is gross but i just wanted to know if anyone had experienced the same thing?i know blood can never be a good thing and seeing it really did scare me, but the worst part is...after seeing all that blood, i continue to throw up. 

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I'll admit I'm not medically trained, but both parents are and I've looked into this- most sources suggest that coughing/vomiting up blood (while bulimic) typically is caused from small tears in the throat and/or stomach. I don't know how serious this can be, but I do know vomiting forcefully enough can cause the esophagus to rupture, or rip open, (which is fatal.) If you're coughing or vomiting blood, I HIGHLY suggest seeking medical help. Even if your parents aren't aware of your ED, the causes of the blood could be considerably dangerous, outweighing the negative affects of revealing yourself to have an ED. Pleasepleaseplease, if you're experiencing this seriously consider seeking help and medical attention. Stay safe.

OMG ME TOO! i only started purging about a week ago and i do it every night after dinner. Everything usually comes up just fine and easy but today i was standing in the shower for ten mins before even the tiniest bit came up and a tiny dot of blood came up. Then i tried again and finally i purged a bit more and even more blood droplets came out. I kept purging though then i could purge like i was just gagging and getting gooey stuff everywhere .... WHATS HAPPENING TO ME

Im 15. It sounds stupid but I haven't been throwing up for long at all but I feel like it is an obsession already . I have always been self conscious and only recently found out about this and it feels like the only option for me. I am quite worried as while throwing up today I found blood in my vomit, I say in my vomit but it was really just watery blood.... please could someone help me understand this? Please

I just looked on here as well to see if anyone else experienced the same thing. I did as well. Im a bit worried though. I'm not sure whether to see a doctor or anything. Im trying to quit.

Hi everyone I have been bulimic for years and throw up around 10 times a day. I've started having nose bleeds. So unhappy.

Im not sure...i have terrible pain in my throat and somewhere in my hurts BAD i...m scarred

OMG YES! I'm getting the same thing! i usually don't really have too bad of a throat after i purge but today after the blood it hurt so bad.

I'm a ballet dancer and I have been bulimic for 4 years, since I had my first period and my body started to change. Everyone knows you have to be more than skinny to be a professional ballerina and it's always been very hard for me to deal with it. I'm thinking about giving up ballet, since I don't think I'll ever be able to get rid of this problem if I'm still dancing. Anyway, I have noticed blood on my vomit too. It started last year, but it's not continuous. Whenever it happens, I freak out! My family thinks I've stopped, so I can't tell them. I don't wanna see a doctor :(

Hopefully our comments and your story will help someone who is going through the same suffering. I'm not a doctor, but my older sister and brother are. To be throwing up that much blood, and strings of it tells me (Although I am no expert. I'm just going by what I read and what I've heard my brother and sister say.) that all this vomiting is doing tremendous damage to your esophagus and most likely to the lining of your stomach as well. Please seek some help so you can stop this behavior as it could lead to esophageal or gastrointestinal cancer. Please take care of yourself as you only have one body.

my friend and i just started to have bulimia for about a week now. we started together. i gag myself by tickling my throat. she gags herself by shoving it in her throat. just about 10 mins ago she texted me she threw up her dinner and said there was a little blood. i was guessing it was from shoving the toothbrush hard on the back of her throat. idk though and im scared cause i dont want it to be a stomach bleeding but can someone give me answers now she doesnt want to go to a doctor and i didnt tell her it could be a stomach bleeding cause i know it would freak her out so shes gonna continue to puke so someone please help?!

you can't "just start to have bulimia for a week" along with you are self disgnosed obviously. wtf.

you can't "start" having bulimia, you make it sound like a choice. stop NOW. i only wish i could stop. so stop being such a ******* idiot and stop purging now.

Honey, you're an idiot. No doubt you have mental problems, but you do not have an eating disorder. If you talk your brain into being delusional and functioning in a way that is harmful, congrats, you've just scarred it into an eating disorder, making it harder to treat the underlying psychosis that caused you to do this to yourself. She did not throw up blood from the affects of bulimia; she hurt herself or lied because she's terrified. She didn't have stomach bleeding unless it was an underlying health issue she already had. I know I'm replying to this years later, so I really hope you and your dumb friend grew up. I'm sure you're lovely people, and I want to hold you (at the time when you wrote this ridiculous thing) and tell you it'll be okay cause I'm sure you need to hear it. See a therapist, but NOT for an eating disorder.

I am 15 and i've had bulimia for about 3 years now.. i use to have tiny bit of blood in my sick.. but it stopped so it must of repaird itself or something.But lately i've been throwing up blood and its really scared me after reading these comments.. i carried on being sick the night it happened..but stopped being sick for a few days as it really scared me.. tonight i was sick again as i couldn't cope thinking i had put on weight .. and there was still blood..but even more.. i really don't know what to do .. and im just to scared to tell my mum, can anyone offer any advice?

im 15 and last year i became bulemic but my boyfriend convinced me to stop so i did and i kept myself distracted with him and sports and friends. we broke up by now tho and i fell back into bulemia like a month ago and today i just threw up blood and im so scared. i dont remember this happening last time and ik blood is a bad sign so im freaking out. i dont want to die. i wasnt trying to die. i just wantd to get back to 110 lbs again

I just saw blood in mine and after my chest started to hurt and soon after I got a bad stomach ache and Threw up again and their was more blood and my chest hurt even more. I havent been doing this long and I didnt even mean to start I had a serious stomach illness that caused me to get sick a lot and it just kind went from their... but im freaking out now I dont wanna hurt my self.

I'm. The same I've recently had blood when vomiting.. I've also been getting chest pains along with stomach pains.. I've only had an eating disorder from the start of this year though it's only started to get worse from summer started..

Ive experienced this problem just today, I've been worried since seeing as I've only had an eating disorder for a few months now well starting from the start of the year, but I had thrown up today and I'd noticed a bit of blood in my vomit and on my finger.. I'm kind of worried because I've been getting pains in my chest lately and seeing blood has scared me. I don't no what to do as I'm seeing a therpist in collage and I've to wait next month for my appointment with the dietitan. I don't wanna make an issue but I'm just worried.. Can any help explain what might be the cause?

hi.. im ashna! i have 17 years old and i have a problem of vomitting blood since 4 years.. i have been admitted 5 times in tha hospital.. i had done many tests but nothing has been found yet for my problem.. my stomach always pain bafore i vomit blood.. before i used not to take it seriously but now im really worry that something serious is going to happen.

i have only been bulimic for a few months and I am already throwing up blood. Not only is it coming out my mouth, buy my nose also. I have no idea what to do. I'm only sixteen and my mother would kill me if she knew i was doing this to myself. At first I was anorexic and bulimia was my result. i wish i could stop so bad...

I have been bulimic for over 17 years. I have been to an Eating Disorder Unit twice, (sucked both times). I had a lot of blood in my vomit a few years back and they did a scope on my esophagus right away to check for a tear, but there wasn't one. I wish I could stop. Recently I stopped for 31 days but went right back to it. I felt so much better. OA or Overeaters Anonymous has a lot of bulimics who don't judge and let you talk if you're looking for support. I would recommend trying to get help there. It's easy, confidential, and very good for the soul. Good luck to everyone.

i have been bulimic for over 7 years, & just recently i noticed blood in my vomit. at first i thought maybe it wasn't blood, it was just food. but when there was blood running down my fingers, i started to worry...that's how i ended up on here. it's scary reading about all the things it could be, and i really don't want to tell anyone. i've been to therapy, that didn't all. i'm not really sure what to do...i can't stop purging. i'm just starting to worry that something serious is going on.

My friend vomits up blood every first day of her period. The doctor told her it was normal, when you're having your period. Otherwise- see a doctor. It could lead to cancer.

There are two causes of blood in your vomit when you're bulimic. One is ulcers, either of the stomach or the throat, the second is a mallory-Weiss tear, which is a rupture of the esophagus. Both are fatal if left untreated. <br />
If your stomach ulcers perforate (the hole completely goes through your stomach lining), then your stomach contents will spill into your abdominal cavity, giving you peritonitis (an infection of the abdomen), which can be fatal. The blood loss from the ulcers alone can be fatal.<br />
If it is a mallory-weiss tear, it can fully rupture at ANY TIME, and you will die in a pool of your own blood.<br />
GO TO A DOCTOR OR EMERGENCY NOW. Do not leave this untreated, it IS fatal without treatment and you are playing Russian roulette. The very next time you purge you could die. Your life is in your hands, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION NOW.

ive been bulimic for over four years and i have this problem. Alot of blood comes up. i now have stomach problems frm always purging and on n off medication due to stomach pain etc. Dont let this get any worse. My advice is seek help. Take care

i have had blood in my vomit and its the same situation... a little bit at first and then it got more and more until one day i took my fingers out of my mouth and they were drenched in my blood. <br />
the dietician told me that the acid is like breaking down the oesophagus. it is dangerous but what it is more dangerous is that you're doing this to yourself and i understand just how horrible it is.... i recommmend that you tell someone.... anyone... who can help you..... its not a way of life and anyone deserves better. you wont be able to do it alone, you need the support so reach out to somebody no matter how scary or daunting it seems <br />
<br />
take care. if you need to talk just message me!!<br />

well, i've been bulimic since almost 17 years, throwing up every single day and at least 3 times a day but never seen blood but also i never have used laxants or have to put my finger in my mouth, i just learn how to empty my stomach whenever i want, i just have the normal problems with my teeths and sometimes pain in my throat so... but i definitely recomend you to see a doctor. I'm almost 30 and since 17 years i hear stories like your and they never end up well.... sorry about that.

hi, i beg you...<br />
<br />
any bulimics have esophagus problems, where when they eat, the acids come up, and it hurts the chest/esophagus/ sometimes reaching up to the throat...MORE like GERD or chronic acid reflux ON daily basis? PLS save my life and help me...I am on medication but my chronic reflux is so bad, it happens even when i don't eat, the acids crawl up my esophagus; i think its due to WEAK esophagus MUSCLES due to purging...I only purged 3 months, about 20 times and - ended up with this?<br />
<br />
anyone purges with such problems?<br />
<br />

hey i have had this same problem for quite a while now ive been bulimic for quite a few yeers now and started to notice this away last year, the blood hasnt showed up for a few months now though, do get help for this if it is still happening xx mail if you want to talk xx

I have been bulimic since 6th grade. Ive been to countless therapists and even left at an in patient rehab when i was 15. It never did anything for me. The whole time i was in rehab i was throwing up. I cant think of a day in the past 6 years that i HAVENT thrown up and it makes me really sad to think ive wasted all of my teen age years doing this. I have just recently started noticing the same exact thing in my vomit and its really started to scare me, but as you said you still do it even though you know your bleeding im doing the same exact thing. I cant tell you to stop doing what you are doing because i first hand know its not that easy but i can tell you this, Atleast tell someone, whether its a family member or a friend atleast let someone know. And definitely get it checked out. I know we're strangerse but i hate reading about girls and women who struggle with this horrible problem because i know how much it can ruin you. Its a horrible thing to have to deal with.

I've never had this experience before as i'm not bulimic but anorexic...<br />
<br />
But i think you should better go to doctor at least clinic to check that your body is ok...<br />
<br />
I used to vomit so hard when i was so drunk in my friend's BD... I remembered nothing until next morning and whole day i was throwing up.. until my blood came out.. I was very scared but couldn't tell anybody..<br />
<br />
After few days the symtom got better in my case but yours i dont think so since you have vomitted continuously...<br />
<br />
I'm afraid that you might be at risk of having cancer if blood still come out like this..<br />
<br />
Stay Strong.. <br />
You're not alone<br />
<br />
Hugs :)

You may have a stomach bleeding. This can actually be very very dangerous! Please go see a doctor at once. I know that we don't know each other, but I hope you don't mind taking advice from a stranger. I'm a nursing student and I hope that you'll just be okay.

ive seen blood in my throw up before. im not sure what its from.. but i havent felt any pain from it or anything.. so idk whether to be worried or not.. ?