I'm bulimic. It started by over exericising about 4 years ago. Then within about a month I dropped 30 pounds. I started to go long periods of time with out food (7-15 days) but after a while I would restrict and then end up binging leaving me no other option than to puke. Now I continually go though cycles of this. If I eat anything I eaither work it off at the gym, puke or both to be positive it's gone. I'm getting sick of this and I can't stop it, this is just my life and it's consumed by bulimia.
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I have been trapped in the same vicious cycle for six years. It has been at it's worst for the past four months. I'm so sorry that you're going through this too. If you need to talk at all, I'm here for you - I mean it. No-one should have to go through this alone.<br />
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Message me if you need me.<br />
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Funeralofhearts <3

why not try to take positives steps like go to the doctor and sort out a food plan? like a healthy way to eat.<br />
the fact you can discuss this shows (in my opinion) you are ready for help. <br />
it might be a tough road but keep on it, dont expect too much to soon either you will not wake up the day after a doctors visit and everything is peachy.<br />
you are stronger than u think and you can get through this. <br />
why not try ensure? a liquid diet for a bit to start getting into a healthy eatting routiene?