Bulimia Sucks

I hate bulimia. I can't function being bulimic. It's a monster and a big waste of time and energy. You don't really loose weight with it, only 15% of the calories consumed. What use is that when you are binging on over 3,000 at a time. Plus you get nice big puffy cheeks, rotten teeth, and a lot of shame.  I can't stop though, I am starting to think I am doomed to be this way. I have tried hypnosis to two different inpatient treatments, out patient, dietitians, top psychologists, counselors, still see a counselor. I can't stop. It's like being addicted to crack, but worse because you have to eat food to survive. 

ohnoladyluck ohnoladyluck
22-25, F
Apr 14, 2009