Im a Happy Bulimic

Well it may sound weird but i am happy being a bulimic!.I was not fat but due to my small height i wanted to slim down more.So i started with a very strict diet but i eventually ended up with severe gastric problems.I then tried laxatives but it was not a very good option as i am a higher school student and did not get permission to leave the class every 10 minutes.I then tried to vomit but it was not easy!i really wanted to be a bulimic so i trained myself for 2 weeks with water.As vomiting water was easier i drank litres of it to throw up until my body was used to purging.I then tried with soups and now i can vomit whatever i eat!i don't do bingeing but i try to eliminate the maximum of food from my body.I sometimes get headaches but there is nothing more important to me than having a great body,even if it is at the cost of my health.So im happy now,a happy bulimic!
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I'm a bulimic and I enjoy every single time I binge/purge...I also realized that after I purged all the food out,there"s a kind of happiness in me and I would jump around dancing like a mad horse,I just don't know why?

By definition, you don't have bulimia if you don't binge. You could be diagnosed with eating disorder 'not otherwise specified' instead, but it is misleading to say you are bulimic, it feeds the misconception that bulimics are acting through 100% planned choice that they're happy withinstead of through compulsion and followed by deep regret and shame about their behaviour.

Hope you stop. Really, if only I didn't start, I will be much prettier and happier.

I have a short body fr<x>ame and i am getting fat quick, i love food but i just cant think of being fat and ugly i want to be bulimic but im scared because i dont want it to hurt me or my family. Working out is not helping and bulimic sounds like and looks like it will work, ayushi can you give me some advice? Thank you, Anna

i remember that turns into hell ..please stop while your still happy.

I was also once a happy bulimic......

Everyone starts out as happy bulimic.... it will change soon when bulimia forces you to binge. Believe me, nobody wants to binge. Just leave while you can...