I Choose To Be Thin

I was 5 years old everyone told me I was to fat by 6 yars old it got worse even kids at schol called me fat and I felt such hatred for myself. i would look at my self and i would call myself fat. I hated who I was and that's when I just couldn't take it. I beagn running, I eat very little by the third grade I became more thin thus also small. That's when I doubted eveerything that I have done because that was not enough they still called me too thin they still ridiculed me they didn't accept me for me.


Know as a Sophmore it's hard for me to even see myself eat alot. I skip lunch sometimes breakfast. At dinner I consume approx. 1000 calories drink water usually and. Due to my consequences I get headaches I can't seem to eat I need help because Im killing myself. I've just looked at myself and I still don't think I am thin enough there are people in my life who want to help me such as a friend of mine whom is a physician told me "it's okay to eat, everyone does it and gave me a food guide to healthy choices." He was surprise to find out that I was just above 90 lbs. and he said that If I get any more thin that I could end up enduring harder struggles. 


Believe it or not sometimes I can't breath, I am affraid I will collapse in my class and sometimes I feel my hearth through my chest this hurts. Death goes by so slowly. Right now I am 88.3 lbs I have a headache right know I try eating fruit but eat slowly.


Can some tell me what I can do?

Jaylynn4ever Jaylynn4ever
18-21, F
Mar 7, 2010