Becoming A Alpha Man And Making A Cuck All In One Night Part2

(Continuation of the first part)
In the morning i woke up naked with my bosses wife asleep next to me also naked. Even after ******* her 3 times the night before the last being only 4 hours ago, i still woke up with a hard on as it tends to be the case most mornings. I could tell she was sound asleep and breathing hard, i tried to wake her but she was out cold. I found my cloths on the floor and grab them just throwing on my boxers and headed out the room and was going to put the rest of the my cloths on in the living room downstairs get my keys and head home.
When i got to the bottom of the stairs that is when i heard sounds coming from the kitchen. When i poked my head to investigate i saw my boss making coffee in the kitchen in his boxers and t shirt. He saw me looking into the kitchen and said, "Good Morning, can i get you some coffee?" I said i would and dropped my cloths on the floor and walked in to the kitchen and sat down at the breakfast table in my boxers to have my boss give me coffee. He handed me the coffee and didn't say a word about what happened last night. I know he was thinking it because he kept glancing at my boxers and crotch area. He was sporting some wood and trying to hide it by turning away and getting himself a cup of coffee. He asked me if his wife was still asleep and i told him she was and that i tried to wake her but that she was to deep in sleep. My thoughts of the night before entered my mind as i thought about how i had ****** his wife and filling her with my *****, i noticed that i was getting hard again and so did my boss because with out me saying a word he dropped to his knees i stood up and walked over to him still holding my coffee mug and walked right in front of him, my **** had slipped out of the opening of my boxer shorts and he just engulfed my **** with his mouth and starting sucking me.
When i was getting good and horny and ready to *** with my free hand i grabbed a hold of his hair and started face ******* him. I shot my load in his mouth and he was swallowing my load. He kept sucking me till my **** started to soften and then i finished my coffee and put the mug on the kitchen counter. Put my self back together and put on my cloths my boss had gotten off the kitchen floor and was licking his lips.
I told my boss to tell his wife to call me when she wanted a real man to **** her again he said he would tell her and thanked me. I left the house and went home.
I am 30 years old now and this started when i was 25, when i turned 28 i got a better job offer and moved to a different state. In the time i worked for him i ****** his wife at least once a week and he would sometimes give me bj's when his wife was expecting or when his wife had her period. It was a great relationship. BTW I do believe i am the father of her kids and not my boss but we never talked about it.
(This is a true story) I hope you liked it.
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my boss would call me into his office and have me suck his ****. He loved telling me all the things he and my wife would do. I'd worked for him 15 tears and for 14 Diane and I were his slaves. Di started it. She flirted with him and they became lovers and I got raises and promotions.

Very very good, men like you deserve it