I'm bullied at school constantly it makes Wana go home and cut myself it's not FUN!!!! AT ALL!!!!!! and it happens all the time like when I was in school the teacher mm didn't care in gonna tell u the true stories of when it happens

1st time it was in art I had a seat this kid who bulle yes me last year tried to take it and I said no and be in sites on taking it and when the teacher saw this she got mad at me I was trying to stand up for myself but she made me loose and said go sit somewhere else :(

2nd time I was in my seat in world history where I had been for three months and this kid named dustin p started doing guy shut to me and getting way too close and this other kid named Nathaniel would snap chat me to his friends and laugh as if my torment was amusement to him and this went on until the ending of school

3rd time-it was the end of school I had just gotten out and it was the last day I had on my hat and my awesome clothes I was so happy and then dustin and Thomas and Jason and rahmeer came in a group and started insulting me it got so bad that I had to go to a different bus stop and when I got on I was hoping it wouldn't stop for them but it did and when they got on they started....... (u guessed it) started bullying and when their stop came they got.off after 20 minutes of insults and bulleying me

4th- time I was in the hallway and this kid tried bulleying me by scaring me in the hallway and then on the 3rd day I fought him and lost but it taught me that I have to start fist fighting to win and I wish I didn't have too

5th time was in art becuz of this kid name Joshua and he bullied me by talking shut about my go and my family and saying rude comments and in fact cyber bullied me and took his phone out and didn't leave me alone
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who cares about them. they are just some stupid idiots that are trying to get under your skin cause they have nothing better to do.

If someone else is hurting you already then why would you want to cut yourself to do it some more? Unless you like getting hurt but based on your story that's not the case. You let the bullies win if you hurt yourself because of them.

No other way for what? What will you accomplish if you hurt yourself by cutting?

No it doesn't help. It might feel like it but in the long run you do more harm than good.

I do. Trust me.

You know I was never bullied so I might not understand in what kind of position you are.
Yet what I do know is that people bully not confident kids, the ones that can't fight for themselves . It doesn't necessarily mean that you literally have to fight them . Usually words are way stronger than fists , believe me .

When they insult you all you have to do is say something like " at least I don't have to pick on weaker to feel better about myself asswipe " or simply ignore them , believe me ignoring people drives them craaaazzzyyyy

That's rough man, you're already 16-17 so you only have a year or two left of school, then you get a fresh start in college or whatever you're doing after, keep your head up man