It's that time again :"( school is about to start in a couple of days and there's nothing I can do I know I'm gonna get bullied I know there's nothing I can do I know dustin is gonna bullet again by doing what he does every year embarrassing me in class and Justin is gonna bullet me in class (I'm not misspelling there two bulleys dustin and Justin) I'm afraid of going back I fear school everyday I go in there's no where for me go the only place I can go to be happy is here ep becuz I don't want to be bullied by them or hurt mentally I don't want to fight them however it seems that way so iv been working out and have realized the only way to fight back is to fight them 1 on 1
Mono eh mono and try to win it scares me tho cuz no 1 should have to fear about going to school
In fact I have skipped classes be4 just so I didn't have to deal with the bullleys and have left school early just so they won't hurt me I kinda actually like school but becuz of the bullets they force me to leave early or skip class and I don't wana do that I can't ttelly parents or my principal becuz being a guy means do u Le standards and if I tell them the kids at school will look down at me like I'm weak or a pussi and I don't want that (if ur a girl reading this and thinking its stupid well that's becuz u can snitch it won't matter for u becuz one ur a girl and ur gender is looked down upon as weak already) I don't want to go school and have to fear for my life and have to worry about where I'm going to have to fend for myself I shouldn't have to worry about this type of things
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punch them. and, as for the girl comment, i AM a girl.i don`t, yeah. and, just don`t care anymore. that is what i do.

I'm surprised that not a single girl has given you any flak and feedback because of your statement. If you want to think the macho way and refuse to tell yourself you could hire some supposedly weak girl to rat your bullies out for you if you don't have thecojones to do it by yourself.

Read it through carefully you'll get it. To put it a bit differently: which one do you think takes more guts: putting up bullying or standing up for yourself and putting a stop to it by telling someone?

Based on your story that's not the case since you're willing to fight but not telling anyone. You're taking the risk of ending up in worse situation than the bullies.

Finally getting payback can be one of the worst anti climax there is. Pursuing it may drive you but finally achieving it may feel completely insignificant since payback doesn't really heal your wounds.

Telling your parents n teachers about being bullied doesn't make u weak. That is just another thing bullies use to keep you from telling on them. They say and do a lot of things to keep you from saying anything to a point where you feel hopeless. I've been there n now wish I had told on the bullies sooner. It would have saved me from missing so much school and falling behind in my grades. Fast forward, the bullying stopped once I told on them. Telling on them is better than fighting them. Paying them back is a waste of time. Two wrongs do not make things right, it only makes things worse for you. Let karma do the payback...stand back n watch the show unfold....priceless!

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