Bullied By Words

i have realized that over the years and years of torture i have gone through, that i remember hundreds of insult i was called. And i hate that fact. i also hate how others try to make it better, but the fact is is won't be better, one word may do nothing at you, like me. but after so many words they cut and stab at you like knives. there are three things that you may feel after it, you may feel sad and cry. you may get angry. or you may feel nothing at all. i can say this with ease: i would rather be phisically bullied than  bullied with words. because cuts, bruses, and wounds will heal. but after you have been abused with words, those cuts with stay with you forever. those will never heal. And those hurt the most.

lullababy lullababy
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

I am both. People at my school punch and kick me. I normally dont fight back because i can take alot of hits. But words are the worst. They leave scars and traumatic experiences that never leave you. I wish they would just stop.