Tips Against Bullying!

I'm bullied everyday, and I didn't know what to do to stop it, I created my own tips, and the bullying became less. So I want to give you all, the tips!

1. Give them a death stare: Show them, their bullying doesn't hurt you, of course it hurts you, but they don't need to know... Give them a death stare, look the bullies straight in the eyes,and don't say a word! Don't move, just keep looking. It may be difficult, but just try. You'll see results, the bullies don't know what to do, and probably walk away.
And if you feel the urge to talk, try to say as CALM as possible: "I don't care what you're saying, your wasting your time here, be smart and do something else." Don't start shouting at them, you'll only give them the reaction they want.'
And if you're really to nervous to look them straight in the eyes, you can always try to ignore them.

2. Never start a fight with bullies!
If a bully hurt you physically, hit him back, don't run away! Bullies are like hunters, looking for a prey, they see running away as a weakness. But never start a fight! It may look good, but it can go horribly wrong. Maybe you win the fight, but the following week, they collected a whole group to get their revenge, and it can go up to very dangerous situations. But try to stay out any fight as long as possible! And if you get trouble with teachers, because you hit somebody, don't say: "He/she began first!", say something like: "it was for self-protection" or something like that, but don't say this things when YOU started to fight!

3. Change your behaviour:
Bullies always pick on the weakest persons. So show them you're not weak. Don't walk with your hands in your pockets, don't look to the ground. Walk through the school (or where ever you are) as like the school is yours, held you're head high!

4. Try to get along with others:
Bullies usually pick on kids who are alone, so try not to be alone! You don't have to be friends with everyone, but try to show, you belong between you're class (or whatever group you want). Do things with you're class, an example: There is snow outside, in the school-break, you're class is having a snowball-fight. Don't stay inside, but put on you're coat and go play with you're class! Of course you'll get some snowballs on you, but that's the game. Try not to get angry, when they hit you once, that only causes more bullying. Just laugh and make fun!

5. Report it to others:
Tell it to everybody you can trust! Tell you're family, you'rer teachers, etc....
They can help you, don't be afraid, just tell them.

6. Try to help others:
This may be an odd tip, but try to help others who are bullied. When a bully is bullying you're friend, just gop stand between them, and give the bully a death stare. Bullies, and other people will notice you helping others, and will respect you more. People who doen't bully others, will gain respect for you, you're helping others, that's strong! The bullies will notice you're to strong for them, they can't hurt you. And the bullied ones, will respect you, and most common, the bullied ones, become friends with each other, to share their storys and help each other! With friends, you're much stronger when you're alone!

Just never forget you're strong and good, and the bullies are weak!!!


littlewolf1 littlewolf1
Jan 18, 2013