Punched Again

I have been isolated and picked on since Primary School, because of that I have been through being a goth, emo, worried about my weight even though I'm quite skinny, my confidence dropped so much I had to see an expert. My worst experience was in yr8 when the bully (of that year) decided to try to punch and provoke into a fight. (I haven't wrote the peoples names for social reasons)

I walked slowly down the maths corridor looking for the few friends I had then, when the school bully strutted up to me and said
"your a emo, your a emo" so I politely said "really, I didn't know, are you sure?". A crowd had started to build up now chanting "fight"
"no one talks to me like that the bully hissed. Then suddenly bang, pain seared across one side of my face like a wave threatening to engulf me, she had punched me in the cheek. "go on punch me back" she dared, "no" I said, loudly and clearly "I won't sink to your level", then I strode powerfully and purposely away from her. the now silent crowd parted to let me though, and I glanced back at the bully, standing there and a teacher heading towards her and the fast disappearing mass of students.

This wasn't the first or last time I had been in this kind of situation, please leave a comment if some thing like this has happened to you.
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2 Responses Jul 9, 2012

I wish i had you guts.This as happened to me too. If you want to know more than you can read my story...

Awwww well tht is good tht u didn't stoop down to her level and i beleive u will get through this :)