I Feel Like.... I Don't Belong Anywhere

Ahh yes that's when 6am comes at my clock on a Monday morning (oh how I hate Monday's there so stressing and painful cuz everyday mon-fri I'm scolded to just wake up for school! Even if I wake up and I am on time they say stuff like "ur soooooo slow" and "ur LATE I got a phone call home saying u r!!!" I am never late and if the school called home I would no!! Then there's school.... My dad would drive me there and park so he can drop me off. I look at that huge crowd I have to walk in and stand in. My stomach gets that stress pain inside of it!!! I have friends it's just that it's so hard to find them I try to stall but then my dad released what I was doing and would push me out the car!!! Sometimes as I would open the car door and he would shout "have a good day" and people walking behind would snicker in the background! It's soooo embarrassing !! I love my dad but saying stuff like that with ppl around oh don't get me started -__- when I'm I'm school i feel that the ppl around wod talk about me behind my back and snicker! That's how I get fear (oh wait til high school freshman year! *facepalm* uhhh I can feel the stress!!!! And then thats when teen drama comes around!!!! Ppl would make up some **** about this person and some innocent person (me included) would get pulled in!!! (I hear my dad yelling right now O_O T_T) I never said anything about this person and I wod never spread rumours cuz I woddent want the same thing to happen 2 me if some1 said bad stuff!!!! I am just like u: bullied, abused, have some fake friends and real 1s, hav every1 against me once in a while and hav no 1 2 tak 2 but ppl on this website... I would appreciate if u wod circleme and talk 2 me about if problems too!! :)
Pie11644 Pie11644
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012