Whos My Real Friend?

So on 9/11 in gym class I made a new friend ^^ she's so nice to me! Shes new to my school so I do anything like a normal student would do: show here around, show here my friends, I even taught her how to open my locker! Making new friends is such a good feeling! But today things got different! I was walking to the big crowd outside the door like I do everyday much to my dismay (see story miserable life lonerish Wiredo for details) and i saw my friends and "friends" in a group talking I walked over to them and listen to them talk my new friend came to me and hugged me my "friends" gave me a look that said "who is that ugly girl?" my new friend saw how I looked pretty sad today she then asked what's wrong? I was so shocked that she was so concerend about how I feel unlike those fakes! I then talked to her about my home troubles (see story rude awakening/ rude awakening edited and also see do they love me?) she then told me she had the same problems my "friend" gave me another look that said "why are you talking to her? She's wierd! Don't talk to her or u will be a loser like her! Oh wait... U r!!!!!!!" it felt really uncomfortable so soon the doors opened and every1 walked inside me walking slowly some1 behind me was pushing my bag telling me to move! He kept on punching it! Me doing nothing about it... Ppl kept laughing at me how I look like such a complete loser that can't stand up 4 myself..... ;( and no don't say "tell some1" it won't do any good!!!!! Trust me I done that.... I wish I can move away......
Pie11644 Pie11644
18-21, F
Sep 12, 2012