Yeah I'm Bullied

So I am 13 and I am biracial (black and white) my bullying story started when I had a friend named Nadia. Me and her were best friends but she was always lying to me and telling me she was a super model and just telling me the dumbest lies. So there was this boy that I liked but Nadia liked him to. So one day I was walking down to my nieghborhood park and the boy I liked started calling me terrible names and so did Nadia! Come to find out Nadia had started spreading lies about me! Now everybody in my neighborhood hates me because Nadia spread all of those terrible lies about me. Now that I don't go outside much because of Nadia I am cyber bullied because of my race. I am so depressed about all this that I am now taking an anti depressant. I cry myself to sleep some nights because I have no friends, no one my age to talk to. I am trying to cope with it but it just isn't working.
Curlykaedy Curlykaedy
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

i know how it feels because my best friend bullied me for the guy she liked and i am thirteen too and now i am feeling better but i learned not to trust girls easily