Last year I was bullied by this girl and a group of her friends. They'd yell something like "$lut" or "Black Eyed Midget" or "Wh0re" whenever I walked by.

It was always something about my appearance or something I did. By January, if I was talking to a guy I would hide him or hide behind him whenever I walked by them. Everyday I would go into the bathroom and cry for a few minutes.

One day in May, the sidekick of the group passed me in an empty hallway. She threw me on the ground and screamed "Midget!" with my book and hair everywhere. Later that day the ring leader of the group decided to give me a little haircut in Math class (my hair is very long). I attacked her so ferociously that the scissors were dug halfway through her hand and her nose was almost broken.

When I returned to school my friends were going on and on about how they were just jealous ******* and stuff. Finally my friend Anita said "Well, what don't kill you makes you stronger".

And it's true. This year I came back and I don't take anything from that girl and her crew and they've laid off. I just want all of you to remember what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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...yep she won't with you again hahaha