Being Bullied..

I'm being Bullied ever since i step into Secondary school.. I Was bullied When. Was 12 now Im 15. It has Been 3 years already.... i Always hide in The toilet.. or say that I Feel sick An. Go To The sick bay... s. Want To Escape The lesson that the bully are in.. suck as math,english and Science.. and even during Assembly. Hide In The Toilet.. :/ and Now im Suffering with depression And i Have anxiety disorder.. it sux... :'( help me
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Okay so I have decided to become serious in helping people. I tried this before and had a few people contact me I remember what sparked this is because of Amanda Todd story if you have not seen her video I advise you to youtube it. What she went through was terrible and I WOULD NOT WISH THAT ON MY ENEMY. Her story inspired me I wish I could have helped her but it opened my eyes to realize that their many people out their who just needs someone. I would like to be that someone if you would let me. I am just here to listen just so you know that you have someone, i cannot guarantee that I will be able to be there physically because I am sure not everyone lives in the same state as I do. However, you will be able to message me on here or call me or text me if you really need me. I just hate that people have to go through this I was never the popular kid but I was never bullied either and I can't say that I know what you are going through because truth is only you know what you are going through. I just know that i will try to help you as best as I can and as I said you can message me if you just want to talk or if you really need me I will give you my number so you can call or text me. I am not a creep just simply a young adult willing to assist anyway I can. I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart no one can understand how passionate I am in helping people. <3

hi babes i was bullied 2 u just have 2 keep out of there way

hellow sweetie listen you do not have to put up with being builledyou need to report it to the school and you need to let your parents know what is going on please let someone you trust know and get the help you need for in order for the vullies to stop. show them you are not afraid of themthe minute someone steps in to help they will be the one with having the fear please speak to someone.