My B.f.f. Turns Out To Be My Bully?

When i was in kindergarten i met this girl and she was my B.F.F. Than when we were in grade 1 that's when she showed her dark side she told my other friends i said something about my other friends and so i did not get invited to my other friends b-day because pf my "B.F.F. than in grade 3 she started ditching me than through the years from grade 3-6(when she moved in grade 6 ) she spread terrible rumors about me that didn't sound like anything i'd do so all because of her i have no friends even now that i'm in grade 8. Everyone still believes in those dumb rumors so now i kinda hate myself for befriending her.
sparkelsnowfox sparkelsnowfox
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

she is a gang stalker. Never reach out to her again. Net work, making friends is work (unless your parents are rich). Offer some thing. Bring something to the table. Be fun and inviting. BUT BE SMART AND BE SAFE! Dont do anything that could be used against you. Start small.