Gettin Bullied Sucks...especially By Family

Ive never really been bullied all that much until my mom married my step dad...I take **** from him on a daily basis...always pushin me cussin at me sayin how stupid i am how im never gonna be successful in life. Im 17 years old and hes 42 somethin just dont seem right to me...Ive been doin MMA for a year and 4 months and i still cant do anything to him....I cant even leave my room without somethin happening to me. Tryed talkin to him that didnt work all i got was suck it up be a man....Im very strongly considering grabbin a bat while hes sleepin and beatin the holy hell out of him but i dont want to go to prison...i dont know what to do anymore.

MMAfighter MMAfighter
18-21, M
Mar 8, 2010