To My Mummy

 To mother ,as she asked for my happiness not maiya but my birth gaver mother I thank u always I cannot by words but I know , I scolded u for ca but in my heart I know it was my fault, I say bad about ur food in heart u make delicious food ,I blame u for bhudhi see does make me suffer I know she makes me suffer as u love me so much , I blame u that u jump of vechicle whenever there is accident going to happen leaving me behind as in my heart I know u jump of so if anything happens to me u can take me to doctor as u re alive so u can pray to good for my wellness, I blame u for loving chinu more but I know u love more me and loves us both equally, I blame u for my fatness but I know u cannot tell me to do exercise as it will pain me, I blame u for making me to marry but I know u do not want that bad world to never do bad to me, I  blame u to underestimate me but I know In heart u do this so I can regain and try even harder ,I blame u always but I love u more than even god Krishna that I cannot ever tell to u as u made best to me always a payment or a credit I can never ever pay , I tell I love mata rani more as I see in her u , I never listen ur suffering   as I cannot bear pain to know ur hardship in life , I m always rude to u as for being a person who loves me so much even not seeing a single point in me to love, lastly I blame u for not taking my side in my wrong deeds but in my heart I always knew whatever udo is best for me. I wish death comes to me first then u as when u will die mother I will die and I m no use to the world but u can make world a better place. And one thing I love u mother and u to me so much that u cannot be my guru in life as u are my biggest power and my strongest weakness I cannot ever lose from . Mother always be my mother forever. Loving to mrs. krisnhna bhakt from idiot and psycho trij…
trij trij
Jul 17, 2010