To My Bro

hey chinu i know i am bad to u always i know u know im always jealous of u and say foul about u to everyone even u re not ,i make u bad person in front of other people eyes and i indirectly hate u a lot many time but i am always so shocked and hate myself that ur re best brother and best human on earth i ever met.I always want to say u soory for mistakes i done in past u know which but i cannot speak them cause i m weird and coward and so sorrry that i can allow u to kill me for my repentance.U forgive me evrytime i hurt u ,u care for me ,u like me,u want to help me to improve but i m stubborn *** u know cause i never move even a bit even after u do so much to help me.I m sorry always from heart.I know u re good person still i donot believe u when u r right and people say bad about u ;when i was sick u ran to chemist to take medicine,sorry i didn't went to take medicine when u were sick;sorry;when everyone thought i m culprit when i was not u stood for me always and supported me but  when u were told bad sorry i didnot stood for u and thought u were culprit.
The way u help me and parents is great i cannot be like u ,sorry  i am bad sister;i respect u a lot i will never tell u on ur face. But i respect u a lot and i will miss u ,ur help,ur anonyingness,ur fight,ur beat,ur scold,ur motivation,ur way of life;ur love for shambu;ur care for me etc...;plz forgive me for my bad deeds help me become a good person and never expect good in return from me cause i donot have any................................................respect to u  urs trij....golu....paggaaaal
trij trij
Jul 18, 2010