To My Father

I know u love me,i know i always scold u even when u r not wrong,i know how much disrespect i brought to u in ur society,i know how much trouble i cause u,i know i hide secrets from u which u don't believe,but u r always supporting me and tries to help me in ur way ;i know i m stubborn and heartless and loveless most of the time;i m bad person still u love me papa i m sorry always for my wrongs i do,i know i won't change myself and u have to bear me all time my scold,my laziness,my being fat,my not doing any work of urs and behaving like i m most vvvvvvvvip person in world i m sorry for my wrong to u.I respect u in most indirect way...plz never stop caring for me and one most important thing is chinu(bro)is more love to u then i have for u he is good one child of u not me love him more then me plz he wants ur love, he respect and care for u lot not me. I donot have any for u  plz forgive me for being so.
whenever i faced problem u were first to help,even when we had no money i m bad at studies still u brought money for me,u give me money when even u donot have ,u r way for express love to me is strange but i understand u plz forgive ur heartless golu ...motu....pagaaaaal

trij trij
Jul 18, 2010