THE NEW DROID DNA PHONE ... Transhumanist Message And The Mark Of The Beast

Well ladies and germs.... Seems the good ole boys at the Orifice of Anal Intelligence have gone and screwed things up a bit more.

Feeding their alien technologies to the corporations and heads of state and religious leaders worldwide.

It's gonna be one big mind bender !

Dunno if a deadline or action date is givin in the video. As always... think for yourself and remember... you are not a number


They have patented the human genome and privatized the same as though they own the very creation of our bodies, and have some rite to use our beings as commodities for their own unjust enrichment. We are considered their property in their minds; while they do genetic modification to humans and claim those beings are their own property. ]

One of the primary problems with transhumans and the humans controlling these issues is a DNA characteristic that leaves them void of the moral and ethics genes. These can be used as unstoppable super soldiers and are disposable to the owner when used for heinous deeds.

Incidentally, they have done the same to all sustenance, including food in genetically modifying it and labeling it Genetically Modified Organism “GMO”. The same is being done with diseases; while catalysts for the diseases is released as one component in the chem- trails.

The biggest kicker is that those invested in the stock market are either in denial or will blatantly lie when asked about these issues. The highest yielding returns on the stock market are #1 = biotechnology; #2 = pharmacopeia; #3 = prison stock; #4 = housing/ mortgage fraud.

Consider the resulting activities used to maximize the bottom line.

They commit a crime and keep the proceeds; then throw you into prison for the crime they committed against you; steal all your property including your home and body; take unauthorized possession over your body and property while ruining your credibility in the used of psych drugs; then they give you diseases and cure them at tax payer’s expense by bringing you free health care and PATENT PROTECTION.

Pay attention to the last two words in the health care initiative, “Patent protection”.



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I definitely agree with what he said about people having unhealthy relations with their "smart" cellphones. I can see the system giving away these phones in the future insuring every sheeple on the planet has one. They already give them away for free when you sign a multi-year contract agreement. Baaaaaa baaaaa baaa baaa baaaa baaa baaaa baaa baaaa!!!!!<br />
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Thanks For Your Caring, Continued, Valuable, Contributions!!!!

These laws don't belong on this planet ... ℰṼℑℒ ℙℰ☮ℙḺℰ