Here Comes The Stress

Well, the temporary relief (as well as frustration at not having a life outside of schoolwork) of the winter break has just reached its denouement. You could say I am "getting back in the swing of things," but that just sounds much too enjoyable. A more accurate description would be I'm crashing back into a world of constant stress and anxiety.
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

I'm sorry. You just have to get yourself out of it. It's a habit you have to break. It may seem uncontrollable but it really isn't. When you feel anxious you should try to tell yourself that it's just anxiety and wait for it to stop. Focus on improving your life and what's good in it and that will also help it to go away.

but i know i dont have anxiety...and i am trying to improve my life, that's the thing...stupid people and stuff are getting in my ******* way!

At least you know it's only temporary and that you can get away from those people in the future. I know you're frustrated with school and not being social enough right now but this is just one period of your life. After you get a job you'll have more time to focus on improving the parts of your life you're not satisfied with now. How much can you even take on in life right now anyway with school, especially with how seriously you take it?


I'm not happy with my life right now either. I'm somehow getting through it though.

well least it makes me feel better knowing i'm not the only one lol

Good luck with next semester of school. Get a little bit more excited about it and make it your best one yet.

good least to start out with :)

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