February 24, 2010 8:25 Pm

Ok, so here's what's going on. Earlier in the night I decided to pee in a bunch of maxi pads. I went through three, and then decided that on my fourth I would just keep peeing until I was done, even if it leaked. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough pee left to overflow it. So, then I went and had dinner, and grabbed two cans of Sunkist to drink while reading stories. I've been drinking them slowly over the past hour, and now they're both empty. My bladder on the other hand, it's filling up really quick. I haven't done any pee holding in a while, so this is pretty difficult for me.

I haven't decided how I'm going to let out this pee yet. Maybe more maxi pads, or a bunch of panties and some shorts or pants. Definitely not jeans, cuz they retain the smell. And I don't want to go in my bed, I have nothing to protect the matress. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'll try to hold it until 9:30, and I'll be on until then, monitoring my comments. PLEASE leave a comment, I'm absolutely dying here!

Just a little discription for all you awesome people out there. I'm sitting on the floor, cross legged, and squirming around trying to hold back my release. Every now and then I press my hand to my pee hole, just to give me a little help.

prancingprincess prancingprincess
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wish i could see you like this

Hot! ;)

pranci ng princess- i'd love to own maxi pads u have pee'd in it would make me *** lots for u

Next time you could try outside at night

^^ Anyway, in the middle of my glorious pee, my sister knocks on the bathroom door and is like, "It's time to take care of the horses!" so I was freakin out about how to finish the pee and hide the evidence before anyone got suspicious. So I lay down in the tub, and let rip. After becoming soaked I cleaned my undies and my pads of pee, hid them in my room, and then went outside like nothing had happened. Oh, and a lovely little tidbit, while I was waiting for someone to comment, I leaked a little. It was exhilirating!

Unfortunately since I still live with my parents that idea I can't use. But thank you for commenting. What I decided on was 3 pairs of undies, a overnight maxi pad, and 2 regular maxi pads on top of that (with cuts in them so that when they get full the pee goes into the next pad.