Didn't Know But Gotta Go!!

I have been running around all day, in and out of the car; to and from appointments. I have drank about 4 bottles of water this afternoon and I never thought anything of it. Until I stopped for a minute and sat down. I was driving home for the day when I noticed that I had been bouncing a bit in my seat several times now. Ok, I thought, let's take stock. I pressed on my bladder to see what level the desperation was at. Not good...I quickly reached for my crotch to hold in a spurt of pee. How could this have gotten so bad without me noticing. I was still about 30 minutes from home, maybe 40 with the recent snow on the roads. I can make it.

Not even 5 minutes later and I could really feel my pants digging into my bladder and making it painful. Oh I was starting to get really desperate, really fast. I undid the button on my pants with one hand and pulled down the zipper. Much better but the relief was short-lived. I was rocking back and forth and had one hand stuffed down my panties and holding my crotch tightly when all of a sudden I started to pee. I shoved a finger into my pee hole forcing the pee back into my bladder. OMG that was so painful but necessary if I wanted to make it home.

I was starting to get that desperation sweat and could feel my bladder cramping with the need to release its contents. At this point I know that it will be a race against my bladder to get home in time. I know that I left the door unlocked so there wouldn't be any fumbling for keys, I could just run in and pee. Ohhh another spasm in my bladder and hot pee started leaking into the hand that was still firmly gripping my crotch. I squeezed my thighs shut to help my hand hold it. I needed both hands but one had to be on the steering wheel. There was no break in the traffic behind me and I knew that I couldn't just pull over and pee at the side of the road. Mid-day traffic and broad daylight; definitely not a good outlook.

Now pee was starting to squirt out every few seconds; I was losing my hold over my bladder. I didn't want to pee in my car no matter how desperate I was becoming. I got to my street and floored the car. KNowing I was only a few minutes away from home. Knowing how close I was my bladder reacted and a long burst of pee was escaping my painful bladder. I couldn't stop it now. I jerked the car over to the side of the road and jumped out, Pee running down my legs as I did. I couldn't even get my pants down, I just started peeing through my panties and my jeans. A staeady stream of pee was pudling at my feet as I moaned in relief. I was just about finished when I could see a car coming down the street. Now, let me tell you, this is a close knit neighborhood where I know all my neighbors. I hopped back in the car and sat there until they passed, afraid that I had been seen Peeing myself beside the car. I quickly drove home and ran inside so nobody would see me I was so scared that I had been seen. I tore off my pee-soaked clothes and jumped into the shower when another spasm from my bladder hit and I was peeing again, washing it's way down the drain.

I think it is time to buy seat covers in case this happens again. I want to be prepared. can't just pee in a bottle in the car. :-)
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