I have tried to give up full caffeine Diet Coke only to replace it with black caffeniated tea and coffee or sugar free red bull- but it must come to an end.  This past week in particular has been the worst as I have had my friend visiting and have been having very late nights and early mornings and days filled with lots of walking and activity. 

So from today, I am reducing it and have bought cocunut decaffeniated teas and also apple, cinnamon and raisin flavoured tea.

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2 Responses Jul 10, 2008

Well Pro plus works and it's easier to cut down on that than other drinks, I started off taking two a day then reduced it to one a day and then just gave them up - it was a lot easier than I thought it would be!! Now I do treat myself to a can of cola every three or four days but I dont overdo it because I dont wanna be hooked again!

Well done! I gave it up about two weeks ago, I had bad withdrawel symptoms at first, just headaches but they were bad! I used Pro Plus to replace the drinks and then cut down on the tablets as I found it much easier!