When I was little, my father would put Pepsi in my sippy cup.  By the age of three I was able to pour my own glass out of a 2 liter.  I go through about a 12 pack of Pepsi in one day.  I can't start my day without a fix.  I can't get through work without slugging one down on my break.  I am hopelessly addicted.

theophania theophania
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2007

Gosh... I'm exactly the same. I cannot begin the day without it. I cannot function without it. But I'm determined to do the exact opposite for my 7-month-old girl. I'm actually planning to put sth that tastes nasty in any Pepsi she happens to be given (I'm definitely not giving her any) so she associates the unpleasant taste with Pepsi and develops a conditional reflex. I's eating away at my bones a nd caffeine dehydrates me and it's just no good at all but I'm just as hopelessly addicted...