I Told Them Emo Is Just Another Word For Emotional

I have to say I am not really into all this emo thing but okay i'll admit it  i wear "Emo clothes" i wear the tight jeans sort of and the dark eyeliner and the lond dark hair in my face and well
i listen to the genres of Indie/Screamo/Emo/Techno/metallica/heavy metal/Rock/ yeah i listen to some very depressing musci but peope just stop okay we just have different taste than other people and we are able to show our emotions out to the workd we arent in some emotional constipation here we arent afraid to show when we are blue and stuff but yeah people i dont knwo jow this discussion started but oay well laters people bye bye

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emo is a sight of how you live

Emo was never meant to stand for emotional. Emo music began in 1985 and at that time it was short for emotive punk rock. the style of dress was strange and out there because the people that supported it were originally punk, and were still for being different, and against the rest of the world. <br />
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Bands like the rites of spring, began the emotive punk rock revolution. and then around 1997 it began to change, the music moved form traditional punk sounds to screamo with more whiny vocals and more depressing lyrics.<br />
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as more people began to love it and hate it, the generic sound of emo music began to trickle down into what every knows of today. People that listen to it were stigmatized as ****** and whimps and crybabys, and the real punk rockers and harcore kids began to make fun of them calling them and the genera of music by calling them emo for emotional. <br />
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sorry for the rant, but i think it's important that people understand the history behind the labels they give themselves.