Your All A Bunch Of American, But Too Dumb To See It! And To Big Of ******* To Do Anything About It!!

I know your all really proud....and I am deep down too, but i needed to get your attention! There are some numbers at the bottom to compare your life with mine,,costs, stress and you tell me if your still PROUD or at leadt as proud? ...........OOOH Canada?
But the fact is that I grew sick of it 2 yrs ago...taxes 7 1/2 months your working money goes to the government, yet they continue to squeeze.
Our wages 30% less in the majority of skilled trades than Americans, yet we are known as cheap when traveling? And we are squeezed even further!
Waiting in line at the hospital for 6hrs to take a chunk of metal out of my eye, when I contribute $2000.per yr. to my FREE medical?
Going threw 4 speed traps on the way home from work. 1rh coomute Like a wildebeest on the Serengeti? $350. per ticket after points.
Roadstar static never an accident, 43% safe drivers discount...yet they take my licence away?
I don't drink alcohol, but come on the right to auction your car for an impaired? WTF?
Removing people off buses to go threw there possessions to look for alcohol, refusing to let adults (being responsible) the right to board the bus if they wouldn't consent to a search. WTF?
Corruption of revenue Canada. You would understand if you owned a business? Corruption of WBC you would understand if it were a construction business. Corruption of ICBC or whatever insurance you pay into to drive? Everyone knows someone that got screwed.
Corruption of a Government that continues to choke the people even more? Right before I left they (the party in power) office, they raised the taxes again and signed off on a 23% pay raise for all parliament member.
Each party does this when they leave office. It's like a secret little boys club that they never expose. You won't remember 4 yrs later that the people we are kicking out (usually) for corruption, signed that 23% pay raise. And the people newly elected aren't complaining about it? And if they did they would just be exposed for doing it themselves.
Try to get a permit for work on your house renos. not unless you build us that side walk? Or extend the city street, that is extortion!
Selling off our resources to the U.S. *** kissing the U.S. they have already choked our beef industry to death. Forestry industry to death. Salmon industry in the Fraser. They own our oil rights. They walk out on electriciy bills they owe with out a care and yet we still, kiss there *****.
RCMP BRUTALITY!! yet we put them on a pedestal? They are Fucckin ridiculous these days! Yet when one of them gets shot. we fly 5000 thousand of them to ottawa free and paid leave with hotels and food...and you picked the job! That was a risk you were willing to take to be a paid bully! And yet we take it even STILL!
The picture of Private Whomever and Sergeant Whathisface on the news every night. Names of all our troops serving Canada over sea's, fighting a U.S. conflict!
Immigrants that ABUSE the system and HATE us, while living amongst us. Harbouring terrorists, never mind Afghanistan we can't even keep our side of the street clean!

SICK OF BEING CALLED A RACIST!!! Everyone calls us racists,,ohh shlt, better just give them what they want or they might call us racists? WTF is that all about? JUST SICK OF IT!
50 loggers a yr. on average (when we had an industry) would die. did they get special treatment? I almost died commercial fishing, Did I get special treatment. do farmers? Does anyone in Canada, that actually makes a REAL contribution to the countries economy, get special treatment? HELLL NO!
The Natives, (ohhh shut it, I don't give a rats azz) yes the poor natives. When will we EVER stop paying for the faults of the pilgrims and what the churches did to them?
There are Natives that have HUGE, HUGE wealth, more than you and I will ever comprehend. Do they send there money to there brothers and sisters that are in they leave themselves with just enough corn and meat for the winter? No, that would cut into the Escalade gas funds? Or the new plasma tv, I never could afford a plasma? Every native I new has one and the newest cloths? WTF...over?
The fact that everyone is thinking it, but are all way to much of a bunch of ******* to say anything about it?
Bailing out air Canada every god damd year, just so some over the hill stewardess can give me attitude when I fly! (yes I fly west Jet) But I pay for Air Canada too, indirectly!
The teacher's strike, the garbage men strike, the police strike, the nurse's strike, the doctor's strike, the native's strike, the city worker's strike the ferry worker's strike, Air canada strikes,,,,,,then the teachers strike again then the garbage men strike again....OMFG! when will it stop? We past the point where we bring in more than we spend Loooong ago? Yet We Say Nothing!
Did you not pay attention to WHY, GM, FORD & CRYSLER went **** up, why everyone does? Cause the employees are to stupid to realize that they can't afford to keep giving them they keep on striking?

All these people that I mentiones and the ones that I missed are to stupid to realize that the government can no longer afford it either, yet they keep on, keeping on?

I am ashamed to call myself canadian, "oh americans are so blind they don't know what's going on in the world, they are clueless" how many times have I heard that, from canadians, we love to say that? LOOK IN THE MIRROR. We have turned into America! And no amount of Double Double will ever change that. Until we stand up and fight bacK!!!
Government that is getting bigger and bigger? did nobody learn a thing from the melt down in the states?
Do you think we survived cause our government is so F'ing smart? NOOOO! Because we still have natural recourses, what happens when WE run out like they did? No fish , no trees, no oil? no industry, beef , poultry, produce? And our deficit reaches where theirs is now? Oh that'll never happen. Riiight....Just like everyone didn't think the U.S. was going to fall? WAKE UP!
And I only see it getting worse.
Its not like they are NOT killing each other in the streets threw rampant gang violence?
What good is it to call are country a safe place to live, if we are not safe?
What good is the all our clean water if we cannot afford to drink it?
What good is our fresh air, if we cannot afford to breath it?
What good is it to call your self free, when big brother won't give it?
What good is it to call yourself Not american when you act it?
What good is it too call ourselves a peaceful nation, if we a constantly at war?
What good is free medical when you cannot afford it?
What good is it to live in an apartment when you can't afford to own it? Let alone the rent?
For Christ sakes people when are you going to ever wake up?
When are we going to stop polishing our halo's and telling everyone that Canada is such a **** hot place to live, when it isn't? Sound an American's always some jack off who has never been anywhere, ranting and raving about freedom and the free medical and all that crap. Talking out of his azz.
I am glad I am gone! SOME FACTS!! ABOUT MY LIFE!!

I make 100K where I am, yearly before taxes,...after tax MAX 19% to the government.

I pay about 10% tax total, after right offs from my pay checks.

Hidden taxes EVA or our GST all that comes too about 2-1/2 to 3 months MAX 9months work in my pocket!

In Canada 7-1/2 to 8 months 4 Months wages in your pocket!

education 100% FREE

medical 100% FREE

And almost FREE post graduate education, become a Dr, for less than 5K is good anyway in the world?

No parking meters. No tow trucks!

Condo fees $195.usd per month

Gas condo $15.usd oer month

electric. average $25.usd per month

unlimited long distance, U.S. & Can. digital cable 20 english speaking channels ZERO commercials and wireless internet! $80usd

car insurance. Premium 08 toyota FJ $25.per month with gas total $125. per month.

Premium health insurance. $25.per month

PROPERTY TAXES! $25usd per month

water bill. $4. dollars per month and they have NO WATER?

Before food and cloths, fun & Misc. costs, my costs are about $500.usd per month!

I like a full fridge and don't mind cooking since someone else does the cleaning. $200.per month. That includes eating out.

MISC. expenses

GOLF $100. buying balls mambership (everyday) all in, i've tallied it!

Smokes $23usd per carton. 2 per month

For movies $10. all in movie popcorn and pop, twice a month?

gas 60cents a litre

eating out, can be as little as $3.00 includesthe 600ml diet coke. 3 times a week?

never more than $25usd THE NICEST PLACES!! 2x per month?

Opera (carmen) $18.usd 150yr old theatre once a month

maid, $12. 3hrs. 2 times a week

clothes, I dress well and have style...nothing over $35.usd

Hair cut $4. 2 per month

Car detailed, $8. takes a 1/2hour, wash & detail, includes lunch, with any drink. once a week

I NEVER EVER GO OVER $1000.usd per month!

If I drank, which I don't but if I did I can drive down the street drinking a beer. I am meant to control myself at all times. If the police have to control me it costs big bucks, if you do not have the bucks god help you if you don't have the bucks.
It's the opposite for you unfortunate that I have left behind left behind. big brother doesn't give a chance to fart their cause it's not safe ohhh it's not safe now-don't do that you might get hurt-that's not safe now-careful we don't want to arrest you for not being safe? WAKE UP, CANADA SUCKS!

I don't want to make enemies, I love canadians! I hate they we are taken advantage of. I have abetter life here! Really, this is ment to inspire some of the hopeless people, that maybe Canada isin't the begin all and end all in life?

Or if you love it then great! Stay but step up, it wasn't time for a voice like mine things were too good still. I was just a racist and a **** disturber....but now....I am FREE!
mgtour mgtour
36-40, M
Jul 10, 2010