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Canadian, Eh?

When I lived overseas, I remember people asking me on a daily basis, 'where are you from?'. I always proudly answered 'Canada" to which they would ask 'So you live in an igloo and wear parkas?' SERIOUSLY??? I am always astonished at how little people from other countries know about Canada. Quite frankly it ****** me off!

Canada is gorgeous; mountains and ocean and forests and nature and incredible roadways, particularly compared to some I have been on, and the people. We are fabulous people, well most of us. I am proud to be Canadian despite some recent political moves...... which I won't get into.

I love Canada, and I hope when I retire I can travel throughout, seeing every little hidden treasure that Canada has to offer.
wickedties wickedties 41-45, F 24 Responses Aug 19, 2010

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I think your igloo might melt sooner than later with the climate change, that eminent scientists like David Suzuki predict,,is happening
Oh sorry you have an idiot of a prime minister who thinks he know better on the climate change issue Don't worry we in Australia have one to ,by the name of Tony Abbot The first P M Co@@@@@er in the developed world to reverse an omissions trading scheme, So Harper is in good company

Lol....true enough. And yes it is friggin hot here, setting records day & night. I think I am gonna melt soon!

I will be visiting your nations capital soon!

will be going to Vancouver in 41 days time The wife and I will be seeing a long lost friend who lives on Salt Spring Island---Cant wait

Salt Spring in the summer is totally gorgeous!! i was born there, and it is my favourite place ever, the beautify of the place is fantastic!!

such a small world-- We may not see S S I as we have arranged to meet in Victoria where she was born and her mother still lives there We will be based in Vancouver and may see her there too, only she says she doesn't go there much these days She has this amazing talent for quilting and the examples she has put on face book are truly amazing. Would keep any igloo bright and warm Ha Ha We live in Melbourne Victoria and to be going to Victoria B C Such a small world
Bit apprehensive on flying all of a sudden with these tragedies in the air,but I have a philosophical saying ---,here by the grace of God go I, which has followed me through life Oh and you win some- you lose some, Im still waiting for that big win though So here I come

well we do not really live in igloos first of all LOL...we are modern like rest of the world, not sure why people think we live like that LOL.....
and yes our PM is an idiot sadly!
but no we do not live in igloos!! LOL

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If there are more like you up there I am on my way!

Hmmm, Stronglatch, I'm afraid I am indeed one of a kind but there are many lovely Canadian ladies out here that might tickle your

I am a true Canadian as well...and yes I have heard the same thing..."You use sled dogs to get around? " come on get real here...we are as modern as rest of the world, LOL...Canada is a beautiful county, lots of beauty....
not sure about the term EH? I guess in a sense we may use that a lot, ha-ha

You're right, man, we're damn modern up here in the True North strong and free We're...oh, excuse me, the coyotes are after the husky again, I'll be right back....

LOL...indeed Northerners are strong people....we can handle the cold...

do U know the difference between an American goose and a Canadian goose? the Canadian goose goes, "Honk, EH."

and American goose...."who ya doin' all"

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Remember me? I was Supermother. Now I had changed my username to Mother1983. Canada is a great country to living in. Here to all the follower Canadians across Canada. I should read more about Canada. Thank you for this story.

U folks have no idea how lucky U R.
i used to see a, "Redheaded Canadian Cutie" and visited South Western Ontario often. i've also have been to 5 of your 10 Provinces. Your Country and its folks are beguiling. God Bless , Canada.
i live in VT, US of A. here, we are getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick. Our President is a Bozo who stirs up a hornet's nest and then steps back to watch Our Congress and Senate go at each others throats... in the meantime, we are drowning in $17 TRILLION of debt. Our economy is in the toilet and we can hear the swirling sound as our jobs and savings go down the tubes. am i bitter, much? Hell Yeah i am...
if the American people ever woke up and actually realized what the US Gov't is doing to them, there would be a mass exodus at both borders. we'd all be seeking....political asylum...........
Be happy in the fact that you folks live where you do. after all, U could be South of the border and getting screwed.
but hey, that's just me.

Canada is not the best nor the worst country in the world, but it has its charms and interests. And, by and large, people are nice...I know, I'm one of them! are correct, Canada is not the best or the worst country in this world; there are many questionable political aspects to Canada that make one wonder " WTF? " however, that being said, Canada is indeed the best for me.

Just can`t imagine living anywhere else. :o)

Despite having lived overseas in my twenties, I have never even thought about living anywhere else....there is nothing like home.

i live in Vermont and some folks think the same. a couple of people actually thought that we have snow on the ground in the middle of July.

Lol...some people are clueness.

I used to work at a gas station in southern Ontario, and an American couple stopped in and were asking me where the nearest place was that they could he was the middle of July!! I am a very proud Canadian and love most of the people. I too want to travel all over Canada. I have only been out east where I was amazed how calm and friendly the people are. They truly treat everyone like family! A great country to live in and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

LMAO...typical! I was just riding in the states, and while talking to a few americans they stated, "you must just be loving the warm weather we are having" I asked why, they said, "b/c its so cold in Canada". Hmmm, little did it seem to matter that I literally just crossed the Canada/US border....that global warming is really hitting hard, walk two steps and boom HOT, step back 2 steps, COLD...

oh how funny, I get the same, I am from Northen Canada :)

Nice....and yes it is quite comical considering, I live where we barely ever get snow, mostly all we see is rain, rain and more rain.

Yeah im pround to be Canadian. All i can see is miles of fields but still a beautiful site to see.

Very true and very lovely!!

Canada gets as hot and/or cold as the US. People should know this by now.

Sadly we are often linked to the many Europeon countries anyway. But yes, I agree with you Danny187.

JustBernieGirl, yes it is amazing how little they know about Canadians yet are always so excited about meeting us.....but perhaps that is why, we are exotic as they know so little. <br />
<br />
SuperMother2010, and so you should be!!! *smiles*<br />
<br />
Partytested, Well the West side sounds good unlike out here (vancouver) we get many, many months of rain but have had a really nice late summer so far. But hey, w/o the rain we wouldn't have such lush forests/parks etc!! So grab the umbrella and embrace, is what I say!!!

Hi. I'm Asian Canadian. This is the great country to live. I'm proud to be here with other fine Canadians.

When I was visiting my Aunt in North Carolina, all I had to say to ppl was, "Hi I am Bernie from Canada" and ppl would get so excited about meeting a Canadian. I felt so exotic, it was funny!

Sendittome, you will love Vancouver, absolutely gorgegous at here! Mountains everywhere and forests....there is a vibrance to Vancouver that you cannot find in other places....and I have tried! <br />
<br />
And thank you for the compliment, it is actually my smile....<br />
<br />
DEGrated, I BBQ'd some salmon last night...froze my *** off but so worth it!! Lol.....and I use my patio as my bevie fridge, cheap and efficient! I am sure the neighbours dont mind either, they tend to come over and have a cold one!

Bar-b -Q Salmon??? Damm girl..Can I come over!! Mmmm

Sendittome, wonderful to hear! *smiles*

Very true Prettyinpink!! Nice to meet vancouverite!! (okay, I hate that term but I had to use it, lol)

most people know more about Toronto and the east coast of about the west coast or the 'wet' coast if you prefer lol............we're kinda alright here in the vancouver area too ;)

Sendittome, yes Niagara Falls and Toronto are lovely but you also need to get out to Vancouver and see British is absolutely gorgeous out here and as in all the different states in the USA, people are different from province to province. We are mostly all fabulous!! *smiles wickedly*. I myself woudl love to do one heck of a road trip and truly travel throughout Canada...there are places I have never seen/been and I so desire to. Yup, road trip next year, here I come!!<br />
<br />
DEGrated, well that brought back memories, shoveling out the BBQ......don't you think that burger tastes extra good after all that shoveling?? I know mine always does!! Lol!!<br />
<br />
KnottyG, hello *smiles* and thank you. How have you been? And you are right, Canadians are very polite, please and thank you goes a long way.....and we do enjoy helping....but I must admit, there are selfish reasons for being helpful....I get to chat someone up, lol.

Coming back to this comment after a long while, I find myself smiling at the wicked smile of wickedties.<br />
After talking to many Canadians from NB to Yukon, I can say that they are as different as they come, only they are all nice, polite and helpful.

KATTJOLI, *raises glass and gives you a big hug* <br />
<br />
SUNSHINE, yes that is a very good point, it is a lovely little secret well worth the effort at keeping! *smiles*<br />
<br />
KTOWNCANUCK, also some very good points....unfortunately though the walking freely among your community without any concerns of safety is not valid so much out my way... would love to blame it on the US but I can't....unfortunately we also have stupid people in our country. LOL!<br />
<br />
FUN2BLUNATIC, lol! Yes that does sound like fun......*smiles*<br />
<br />
KNOTTYGENTLEMAN, *smiles*..nice to see you! And thank you for your comment...good point, as usual.

And just because most of Canadians live close to the border with the US doesn't make them second-class North-Americans... actually if I had a choice of border, I'd stay North. The climate may be cooler but the ideas are warmer.

When in Toronto I saw a Canadian having a BBQ ........<br />
<br />
In itself not un unusual activity ......<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
But it was at the top of the Cn tower :P