Educated On Frozen Dog Food

Hi Everyone

This is my first time at this website so bare with me. I must pass on this experience we had with our Border Collie Abby last summer.

Abby's food menu is made up from raw meat, fish and vegetables previously frozen. I notice how much better she feels, more energy and a great looking coat.

The unfortunate part of this story is Abby had access to a fresh salmon and became very sick, she was in the hospital for seven days, blood transfusions and antibiotics. She survived and is doing fine.

We all know how expensive vet bills can become. Through that experience I learned never feed Abby fresh meat again, ONLY FROZEN or COOKED, the salmon has parasites that attack the stomach of the dog and the dog becomes dehydrated very quickly.

I hope this helps someone else before it cost them six thousand dollars.

On a more positive note, I am more educated on what to feed Abby. I will do anything for the care of my family and dog.


Bruce Adams
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1 Response Oct 22, 2011

Wow... I had no idea... thanks for sharing this... hopefully it will save someone a heartbreak and a huge vet bill... glad to hear Abby is ok... welcome to EP... peace!

Your most welcome...Bruce Adams