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I'm An Alberta Girl

Come on've heard of Alberta girls, right??? Good timing, fun loving, cowboy riding, truck driving, hammer swinging....we cover it all....
NotHisBabydoll NotHisBabydoll 46-50, F 44 Responses Jan 18, 2012

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I can attest...Alberta girls are pretty incredible...just grab hold and hang on for the ride of your life!

I'm Albertan too but I have yet to ride a cowboy.. Shucks!!

howdy ma'am

Lol that cracked me up!

not afraid to get down in the dirt and muck, and a couple hours later be all spit shined polished ready to go out to dinner and dancing.

You know it! :)

I am in Lethbridge

so i have heard,lol. I am origanaly from Halifax Nova Scotia and they say the same about them but east and west meet and both are awesome. Canadians Yeah!!!

oh um…er…sorry…kinda trolling your older stories ;-) all i know is…that THIS particular Alberta girl does have it all covered!

well howdy now

You hit us Alberta Girls on the tip of the nail !! Ain't no gal like an Albertan gal

my kinda girl.

Terry Grant hails from there, no?

Ohh....Mantracker? I think so! :)

Oh absolutely!

You rock!

hey Im an Alberta girl too! :D


yea xanadian girls are the best and your pic is very good

Definitely something better with Canadian girls..........maybe it is the cleaner air

I like the cowboy riding part LOL don't think we have those for ya over here in Ontario :)

No, not so much, huh?......I know....I came from Ontario... ;-)

maybe I'll buy one of those hats for a start :)

Are you coming to the Stampede to drink triples, see double and play single?

Haha...that's about it, isnt it? I used to live in Calgary....I'm no stranger to Stampeding.....haha

Will there even be a Stampede this year? :o(

They're planning on it....they need that revenue for cleanup....and people have had reservations since last year, they can't just cancel.....

They say it will never be cancelled. Many rodeos happen in the rain. This will be no different. Thought they are changing some venues.

You're in Calgary? I hope you are alright after that parents were evacuated (Medicine Hat) It was pretty nasty......

Nope. Much farther north than even you. But I've been following it closely due to lots of family in the flood corridor between Canmore and Calgary.

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You left out mudding. 4X4s and country girls look better when they are a little dirty.

This is true....4x4'ing is definitely a favourite is employing the winch to pull out the guys who got stuck!! Just a normal weekend for us Alberta girls!! haha

*Waves from Ontario!*

Ontario? I was sure you were from the prairies.

Nudges Whym outta the way.............. waves harder* ;-p

Oh Deg. xxx lol

@firegod...really? Nope, never even been to the Prairies. :)

WHAT? Come visit. We have cookies.

Ha! Yes! We have cookies! (and I'll make sure I have ice treats for Colt! )

A friend of mine is in Alberta on vacation right now and is sending me the most amazing photos. Beautiful out there. I'd come visit without the cookies. ;)

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Can't Drive........ lol B.C. Humour

Hahahaha.....but we can drive faster, legally..... ;-D

When I am cruising down Deerfoot yes you guys drive fast but here in the mountains its a lot slower. But I grew up in Calgary so I am more 50/50

Yeah...Deerfoot's a nightmare.......I stick to Stoney Trail now....I used to live in Calgary too....(I lived in BC as that mountain air)

I am originally from BC and learned how to drive in the mountains in the middle of winter.

Yea I love that Stoney Trail So nice to get around much more relaxing

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Did not heard of Alberta girls, but wish to know all about them

Look a Hockey girl my kinda women some who like ruff house hehe

I love hockey....this is 'Oil' country here.... ;)

That is great, well hope BP doesn't come your way...........; -)

Haha...I was referring to the Edmonton Oilers... ;)

hehe sorry was some where not sure where but / D redwings

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I was just out there in Calgary women there are beautiful

Some of the best times I've had, were at the Stampede....or so my friends told me

haha perfect.....Stampede is a good time :)

The best in the west are from the east!

I'd drink with you anytime

Cowboy riding??? Hmmmmm.......

*puts on boots and hat*

I know I commented in here once upon a time ago. ;o)

LOL...Maybe. Ya, I lived in Calgary for 20 maybe, yes!

;) so you know all about it....

Heck, ya I do!

Yes you all do we from barrie ontario we drive long haul west. We in alberta all the time. You girls work hard. Keep it up

Barrie, huh? I came from the Soo....

Cool so realy ur a ont girl then. That's why your a worker lol

greeting from Regina :-D

Hola ;)

hey alta girl... live next door and a bc boy. did you ever enjoy a bc boy? hmm?

I plead the fifth....


Alberta Girls ROCK., as MUCH as Edmonton does!

Up in the Chuck...ok I'll be nice. lol

Hey, I'm from Alberta too!! Alas, I've been transplanted to B.C. (met one of them warm-bodied B.C. women [a transplanted Manitoban], end of story). But, yeah, the sun sure doesn't rise the same way after messin' with Alberta women.

Haha...that's a good way to put it.....where are you from?

I was born in Wetaskiwin, but my parents moved to Edmonton when i was one. That's where I grew up and spent most of my 20s. How about you?

I was born in Ontario, moved to Alberta when I was 16...I'm in Edmonton now...'Cars Cost Less In Wetaskiwin'...haha

LOL. They still say that, eh?

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hate the taxes-love the women!

We A-girls clean up well, too. ;)

Haha...yep....we sure do!!

How are ya ? Is it true that there's a shortage of men there and an over abundance of women.... I'm just asking; i was in New Orleans working on a contract an met a woman from Vancouver who made a comment leaving me with that impression. *** Anyone care to reply ? it would be appreciated.

Huh...I don't know about a 'shortage' necessarily....maybe just a shortage of 'good' ones....haha....but honestly, I don't know about that...any women in my circle of acquaintances didn't seem to have any problem finding available men....

greetings from calgary :)

You forgot to say great in bed too. Those 'cow girls' in Calgary ROCK!. Especially after a Flames win!

Sounds fun Hun :-)

I may be from BC, but even I know ALBERTA GIRLS ROCK!

from Waterloo, Ontario...CANADIAN GIRLS ******* a working musician, i have banged Canadian girls from BC to NFLD and i love all my Canadian often as i can...hahaha

You forgot the "Hein" BBDoll

Hi my canadian ep friends :)

MmmmWwwwwaaaaa xxx