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A Fellow Hoser

I was born and raised in Toronto, ( Rexdale). I moved to BC 21 years ago. I reside in Chilliwack now. Besides all the rainy winters, this is a beautiful province. I love seeing the mountains everyday and I am only 6km from Cultus Lake. I go there a lot to swim and sail in the summer. Canada is a great country, no matter what province you live in!
w1piece w1piece 51-55, M 4 Responses Feb 27, 2012

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I have swam at Cultus many times over the years and it has always been a great lake to swim at. I go there many times a year to swim.

northshore van city is where i call home,i try and keep my mouth shut with the go leafs go crap,i love it here to style is what its all about,love being broke with no-money,makes for those trips to whistler worth it.haha.

Take off, eh! I have been an East Van guy my whole life. I've been to Cultus maybe 2 times. Your right about the beauty to be found in every province. Have a good day : )

"Hoser" lol...i forgot about that word. I never did go to Cultus Lk that much....but i seem to remember it being a really cold lake...:s

Let's go for a swim sometime at Cultus!

A swim at Cultus sounds like fun. If you would like you can message me and we can chat.