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yep,born and bred and proud to be a canadian,i married a guy from barbados,had 3 kids and 6 grandchildren,married 45 yrs,this aug,to a cheater---found out last year------living a double life with me and her for 13 years,,,,,,nice guy -----(color him gone)
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Sorry to hear that! but not all men are like that.

i hope not,but i got one-----he just happened to be bajan----i was so excited when i saw you because you are the first bajan ive seen on here,and imhappy to meet you----remember our 3kids and 6 grands are half bajan----and what a beautiful heritage to have--------i was impressed when i read yr story,that you dumped a guy because he had a girlfriend and 2 kids----even though you liked him-------it shows me you have high morals and i speak for all women who have been betrayed and hurt,by women who knew and didnt say no-------tytytyty

Oh wow! I'm really glad you liked my story. That happened exactly 2 years ago actually. Its just the way I am, especially being a woman. I have very little respect or attraction to men who cheat..they disgust me! A wife's /women's feelings matters to me, because I could be her at any time in life. I wish I could meet more men like them and make them feel like **** when they go cheating . We all woman have to look for out for one another

i agree,my 6 grandchildren dont know,cant ever know-----so we are protecting him,and thats how they get away with it-----because of the kids-------

OMG! As Sharon Stone said: women may fake o r g a s m but men fake whole relationships...

thats right and dont even ask what it did to my kids

Put the next one in diapers they don't have those ideas when they don't have them manly undies on, Yes dear i was cheated on, Yes it made me crazy, yet it heals after time, and now i am on to a much more rewarding relationship and life is so much better now, Good luck in the future, Jane

tyvm,it is getting easier ,but the betrayal,and lies make it hard to trust--------

thats what it was,i didnt have a clue-------

oh wow sorry to hear..nothing like being blindsided..