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yep,born and bred and proud to be a canadian,i married a guy from barbados,had 3 kids and 6 grandchildren,married 45 yrs,this aug,to a cheater---found out last year------living a double life with me and her for 13 years,,,,,,nice guy -----(color him gone)
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Sorry to hear that! but not all men are like that.

i hope not,but i got one-----he just happened to be bajan----i was so excited when i saw you because you are the first bajan ive seen on here,and imhappy to meet you----remember our 3kids and 6 grands are half bajan----and what a beautiful heritage to have--------i was impressed when i read yr story,that you dumped a guy because he had a girlfriend and 2 kids----even though you liked him-------it shows me you have high morals and i speak for all women who have been betrayed and hurt,by women who knew and didnt say no-------tytytyty

Oh wow! I'm really glad you liked my story. That happened exactly 2 years ago actually. Its just the way I am, especially being a woman. I have very little respect or attraction to men who cheat..they disgust me! A wife's /women's feelings matters to me, because I could be her at any time in life. I wish I could meet more men like them and make them feel like **** when they go cheating . We all woman have to look for out for one another

i agree,my 6 grandchildren dont know,cant ever know-----so we are protecting him,and thats how they get away with it-----because of the kids-------

OMG! As Sharon Stone said: women may fake o r g a s m but men fake whole relationships...

thats right and dont even ask what it did to my kids

thats what it was,i didnt have a clue-------

oh wow sorry to hear..nothing like being blindsided..