Proud To Be Canadian?

The world is changing and so are the people around me. I'm a Canadian and proud of my country for all our accomplishments. And so it is my hope Canada will continues to reflect it's core values in all future endeavors. 

As a Canadian I have taken it upon myself to recite the National Anthem each morning. Although I must confess I saw very little meaning in this while attending high school. I found the anthem to sound outdated and even corny. However, age has given way to wisdom as I contemplate our nation's anthem.

Now when I hear the words of our anthem sung I feel an appreciation for it's meaning, the goodwill and intent behind the lyrics. Simply, I am proud to be part of a nation with such ideals.

We live in a wonderful country full of nature, freedoms and rights. But what does it mean to be Canadian? '
The freedom to make our own choices?
Rights to protect us from our own or others action's/decisions?
Or is it simply living in a specific geographical location on Earth?

To me, being a Canadian relates to all these things and more . I strongly feel that being a Canadian means living in a Country where you have the Rights and Freedoms to make life better for yourself and others; disregarding religion, race, gender or social status. I discovered very little can be done alone while anything worth doing is usually something done for somebody else.  

Although as of late I've procrastinated to act on this belief I hold close to my heart. Being productive is not always an easy task and sometimes easier for some than others. This isn't an excuse I intend to use but rather a chance to take a moment and give thanks to any persons or groups who have had the patience, time, or resources to help another individual without prejudiced or greed.

And so, I plan  to recommit myself in setting goals in the hope of bettering myself and Canada so that others will have the same opportunities as I do. Thank you for reading.

Best Regards,
mathewjl mathewjl
May 25, 2012